Our premier full service Greensboro nail salon ,Lovely Nails and Tanning, is owned and operated by Sandy Siu.

Sandy has been doing manicure, pedicure and waxing services for over 17 years.

Prior to taking over Lovely Nails and Tanning, Sandy worked in 4 different Greensboro nail salons.  It was working in these salons she was able to see the areas that customers had frustrations and the areas where the work actually being performed could be improved.

Taking this experience Sandy built Lovely Nails and Tanning around the client.  Yes you will not ever hear Sandy call anyone that has experienced any of the salon’s services a customer.

Customers are really nothing more than folks who give you money for something. Clients are the people that you build lasting relationships with on both a professional and personal level.  Sandy and her staff strive to excel in taking care of their client’s needs.

If you ever have any problem or concerns Sandy insists that you bring it to her attention.

One of the things Sandy is known for is her expertise in dealing with challenging nail situations.  Many of her clients found her due to problems with their nails initially and after following her advice became completely satisfied and have stayed with her for years.

Sandy and her staff want you to be completely satisfied that they even guarantee it!  If at the time of your service you are not completly satisfied and they cannot correct the situation then your service is FREE.  No other Greensboro nail salon offers a guarantee like this.

Call today or stop by and let us take care of you.  Your body will thank you.